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weird orbs and something moving through lazer grid with k2 meter going offweird orbs and something moving through lazer grid with k2 meter going off

active and enjoyable evening

Thank you to everyone who attended the Grand Hotel Scarborough last night. It was an active and enjoyable evening. We experienced sls stick figures, taps bangs and intelligent responses on the REM pod, names and information was given through the spirit box as well as a bit of swearing and being told to get out, personal messages for guests on the spirit board and we had an interesting human pendulum session. We would like to thank all our guests for your participation and positive energy.. We hope to see you again (the investigation bug is easily caught). Please feel free to share any photos of the event on this post 👻

Grand Hotel (Scarborough)

grand hotel (Scarborough) ghost hunts

Saint Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 2ET

10pm - 3am 16 places left
Saturday 26/09/2020
£37 per person

Built in 1867 to accommodate for most noble of guests. It was 1 of the largest hotels in the world with 365 rooms representing each day of the year. Todays visitors have commented on strange encounters & some have even left after witnessing items flying across their rooms & objects falling from walls, doors vigorously shaking & knocking with no one on the other side. Sounds of screaming, singing & laughter are heard & most commonly old fashioned music. Various apparitions are seen but none more so frequent than the lady wearing a long red dress.


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