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Haunted Cleveland - Ghost Tours Cleveland - Cleveland Ghosts

Guisborough Priory Ghost Cleveland is an ancient area named by the vikings and includes parts of North Yorkshire and South Durham.

Marske Woods are said to have small creatures that party and play music. Gisborough Hall has the ghost of a butler, another ghost haunting the lobby area, and a shadowy old woman in the old nursery. At Gisborough Priory a monk appears once a year to protect buried treasure.

Middlesbrough, in the centre of the Cleveland area is said to have a ghost of a drowned child near the old baths area (now captain Cook square) and ghostly figures in the university. There are also many records of orbs in the town centre.

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The Grapes Inn Once a nineteenth century staging post on the old coach route across the moors.Many full apparitions of a man have been seen in various parts of the building. Chairs are said to move on their own, footsteps are heard and even very apparent voices that have even left staff not willing to enter certain parts of the building.

Tocketts mill - 2 for the price of 1 as we investigate one of the most complete 12th century water mills in the country and the Tocketts Mill pub which was once a large 12th century stable block. The whole of Tocetts Mill is steeped in history and tales of hidden underground tunnels that where concealed to lock away plague victims. The pub is said to have experienced loud bangs, bottles flying off shelves and apparitions of a woman that walks the halls. Strange noises and shadows in the mill have left locals convinced that the 4 story building is haunted

Charltons village hall (Guisborough)

Charltons community centre Saltburn ghost hunts

Charltons, Guisborough, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland TS12 3DA
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10pm - 3am 4 places left
Saturday 02/10/2021
£33 per person

Created in 1900 as a miners institute and bathhouse. Later used for various activities despite a mysterious fire and the closure of the mines. Ghostly ballroom dancers have been seen in the halls with shuffling sounds, moving objects and dark shadows in the former bathhouse.


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