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Callums ghost hunt at bishop blaize

Write up from Bishop Blaize in Richmond. First of all thank you to the group which I was leading as without you guys I dont think the night would have been as half as active and enjoyable and I felt privileged to meet a group of such lovely people. We first went to the small room at the top of the building in which we didnt have much luck in the ouija but had a few responses on the P-SB7 spirit box as well as some good K2 activity and my T-shirt being pulled constantly for around 5 minutes. Also Grahams mum has a crystal that we got a few answers with too by the crystal going round in a circle for no and back and forth for yes. we then moved to a room on the first floor in which a door was being opened on its own on a number of occasions, K2 activity around the selection boxes and even had a bucket of chalk move when nobody was in the room. Also the batteries in my camcorder and mel meter were drained in that room. after the short break we conducted another ouija session in the base room and had a couple of responses as well as one woman hearing footsteps running down the fire exit stairs, The group also conducted a table tipping session and had some activity doing that too. in which when activity was happening one of the K2 meters flash constantly then when nothing was happening would just sit idle. adding to the credibility of the activity. My mel meters REM feature also alarmed a couple of times in that room with a spike of 1.4 milligause and then dropped straight back to 0.0 milligause as soon as it stopped. After this the group split up into smaller groups and went in some rooms on their own in which one of the doors was slammed in one of the womans and would not open and nobody was on the other side of the door and we also debunked it as also not being the floorboards stopping the door from opening. we then went into the cellar and had some activity in which one person heard breathing right next to them, things were thrown aloud bangs on the kegs too. All in all a very active night. Callum