Black Lion Hotel (Scarborough)73
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Guests and paranormal investigators hear responsive noises in the cellar at the black lion hotel ghost huntGuests and paranormal investigators hear responsive noises in the cellar at the black lion hotel ghost hunt

investigation of the Black Lion in Scarborough

We had K2 activity throughout the night and had a number of intelligent responses in different parts of the building. Along with the PSB-11 we got the names Alice, James, Stuart, JImmy, Robert, Aggie and Andrew with many of these names coming up several times at different times and locations throughout the building. We got an aggressive spirit through (James / Jimmy) that claimed to have murdered his wife and was holding his daughter Alice in the spirit world. The male spirit claimed to have been hung in York and was a smuggler in life. Both spirits came through and responses were given in forms of taps, K2 activity and a torch that was turned on and off when requested. We heard singing through the PSB-11 and conversations and muttering from the same voices although we could not decipher the words they were saying clearly.Also a customers name came through the PSB-11 and also accurately told the gentleman how old he was. Whilst using the Ovilus 111, a guests name was called many times along with swear words and a call for help. Additionally when taking part in transfiguration, three customers faces appeared to morph into the same features of a male with a moustache and beard, another guest into an older lady and a further two guests into a man with dark hair and a deformity/ strong turn in his eye. The night was very active and much more activity was experienced throughout the night that has not been identified in this write up as there was too much to write up briefly. (Guests please feel free to add additional experiences in comments below). All our customers (and Barry the owner of the Black Lion) played an active role in the night are were an amazing group to work with; all partaking and working alongside one another. Thank you all for a great night and hopefully see you all again very soon. Mel