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Another Good Result

Kielder castle last night "another good result" I tagged along with Waynes group for most of the investigation. The following is a room by room account of possible evidence of paranormal activity, this is only from my personal point of view, and feel free to talk about or question any of the following. Room with mannequins. Footsteps heard, taps copied on a k2 meter (quite a few times) good question n answer session with young Tom, until his overpowering father jake stopped things, this was to be the theme throughout the night, we would have a "child spirit" then things always took a dark turn as this "jake" would find us and stop contact The group then had a successful experiment with the human pendulum in the small movie theatre also they recorded a temperature drop of 6 degrees in about 10 mins. While they were doing this me and jack decided to try some of my more obscure equipment and found that we could get amazing results with just a compass Upstairs panelled room, we had a very successful session using two different makes of k2 meters with one for yes answers and the other for no answers, ended up with quite severe headache after that chat. Table tipping was tried buy not much success Another pendulum session was held in the big meeting room on the first floor, with again good results. Upstairs in the derelict tower a ouija board session was tried, very poor results on this one but guests kept getting very cold wind/breeze an face level across the table, hard to explain that one as we all know how warm the evenings have been, we relocated to the adjacent room where female guests were touched or things dropped on them. Im sure Ive missed lots out so feel free to add onto this string Ps some of Liams group got brilliant evp evidence, nice if they could share with us.