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Blyth gun battery turned out to be a good and interesting location, first i would like to thank the guys who looked after us during the investigation and gave us access to the locations. During the investigation we experienced numerous amounts of responsive K2 activity, caught some good photos, hoping the guys are posting the photos on our facebook page, there was light anomalies seen by both groups at different times within the same location, there were a few unexplained bangs, people getting touched etc. Two interesting points during the investigation, Liams group caught a very clear evp of a baby gurgling (thats the only way i can describe the sound) and in my group during a seance using the human pendulum technique we had very interesting messages come through that had personnel references. Overall a very interesting location that is well worth another visit. Wayne

Blyth Gun Battery (Blyth)

Blyth gun battery (Blyth ghost hunts)

South Beach, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 3PL

9pm - 2am 16 places left
Saturday 07/04/2018
£31 per person

A World War 1 compound of secret sheltered rooms, observation towers and former sleeping quarters for soldiers. A history of suicide, drownings and multiple of other tragic losses may be key to a number of paranormal occurrences. Sounds of children’s laughter is common here however the temperature changes when apparitions of a man in a white apron appear, chairs move and objects get thrown as if warning trespassers to get out!


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