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one of the best nights Ive been on

Well what an amazing night at YMCA consett! This was truly the most active night I have ever been on. My group started of downstairs and being only 3 of us were excited and anxious for an eventful night. We were not disappointed at all. Within minutes of sitting down and calling out we had K2 activity and decided to try some EVP sessions to which we had the responses of yes, hello and goodbye. We then took out our spirit box and asked questions to which we had responses of dont go upstairs, its evil and Im scared. Well we had to go upstairs and investigate, and we were not diss appointed, we had K2 evps and again whole names and sentances through on the spirit box. We also got some of the best picture evidence I have seen. After this we went to the old gym for the last part of the evening, which was a hanging ground for witches and criminals. This was extremely cold and oppressive in here. We again got some fantastic EVPS and incredible pictures which I will post below. I can honestly say this was one of the best nights Ive been on.