Station Promenade (Morecambe)114
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fantastic evidence seen and heard

Thanks to all who attended The Station Promenade last night. Some fantastic evidence seen and heard. We started off in the wacky warehouse which Is the site of the old train platform. Almost instantly we heard sounds that seemed to come from the pub and wacky toilet doors, everybody was accounted for and together when this occurred. We then had some rem pod activity that came from the corner of the warehouse which is a known spot for paranormal instances to occur. At this point I decided to use my PSB-11 spirit box to try and get some information from whatever was there. The box was very chatty but very hard to decipher what was actually being said, although we got the word ‘train’ at one point I believe. All throughout our time in that part of the building we were hearing the screeching of doors being opened or closed from within the pub but found no evidence of why this would be happening, it was very chilling to say the least. We then moved to another part of the building to the old train masters office and did some calling out but yielded no activity. I then separated the groups after the break into 2 small ones and I took 4 ladies to take part on the Ouiji board. Pauline , one of the ladies taking part, had a fantastic personal experience which in my experience was one of the greatest and touching spirit board experiences I have encountered. Without going into too much detail as it was personal , Pauline got in touch with her dad who had passed away some years ago, he stayed writing messages for nearly an hour straight , answering questions instantly that no one could have known. At the end of this experience the ladies were drained and obviously emotional from this experience so decided to call it a night at around 2am. Unfortunately that seemed to signal the end of the paranormal activity as we made no further contact for the final hour. Thanks again to all who came , great night 🙂 Martin