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During one of the breaks at the ghost hunt this is a tour of the haunted Blue Bell Hotel in Belford (Northumberland)During one of the breaks at the ghost hunt this is a tour of the haunted Blue Bell Hotel in Belford (Northumberland)

a fantastic investigation

Evening all So last night where do I start ........ So we arrived at the Blue Bell Hotel (Belford) around 21:10, the team decided to have a walk around the building we were immediately drawn towards the ball room, while we were in here we were getting taps and bangs, so we new when the customers arrived where our night had to start. So 10pm we start our event with an intro and equipment talk, we decide to start as 1 group in the ball room. While we were in here there reports of people seeing lights, shadow movement, cold spots, hearing taps and bangs as well, we decided to put kris’s portal device on and we had a few things come through, names, dates, place names too, jobs they done at the Hotel. After this we decided too split into 2 groups. Myself (Ant) took 1 group with Kris helping me out and Carl took another group with Mark helping him out. Ants groups Night Room 1 So I decided to take my group into room 1, I had heard and read that this is where activity has happened, people being pinned down on the bed, feeling someone sat on the bed and people seeing an old woman standing over them. So soon as we enter the room I decide to lie on the bed, along with another guest and 2 more who are sat on the bottom, while the 4 of us are in there the bed is shaken and we can clearly see that none of us have shaken it. After it felt like there was someone under the bed, poking the mattress after inspection we could not work out what it could be. We then decided to leave 1 person on the bed (me, the human Guinea Pig) and put the SLS camera on the bed to see if anyone would get on, all of a sudden everyone gets off and something hops on the bed (I am not going to say what it was doing, but all I will say is it didn’t look pleasant), during the time of lying on the bed I can still feel the prodding like someone under the bed, then it starts to shake, vibrate a bit, I ask for someone else to lie on the bed as well and as soon as she gets on, the vibration gets more and more, it’s now like there’s someone jumping up and down on the bed, this still can’t be explained, then scratching from under the bed starts, I ask the group too form a circle around the bed and join hands, as I believed we could use it as a circle of energy, all of a sudden the bed started moving even more now it was like it was being rocked ...... people may laugh and joke about this with it being in a bed but it’s one of the best paranormal experiences I have witnessed in my life, I can’t explain it, there was 100% no1 moving the bed, the whole time the movement is happening the SLS camera is showing a figure on the bed standing which I believe was the spirit moving the bed. There was a lamp on the side table that had been put on its side when we catch it on video standing up, I put the light back up again turn round 5 seconds later after telling everyone I’m putting the light back up and it’s on its side again something else I can’t explain. So we move on from room 1 and have a short break. After the break we decide to go too another reported active room ...... Room 9. When we walked in there was a instantly smell of wet dog (there are no dogs in the property) this smell of wet dog kept bouncing around the room like a dog running around, anyways we carry on further a few people report seeing lights and little taps too, we do a Spirit Box session and start talking with a lady called Lizzie (Elizabeth) who said she was a former cook, we asked what her favourite dish was and heard apple pie come through, we then ask does she know the new cooks name got through the name (Mike) who is the head chef, we then ask if the dog is around would she be able to get him to bark as clear as day a dog bark comes through. We decide to do a EVP too see if we can talk too Lizzie on the whole nothing comes through we ask if the Dog can bark again and we all hear a dog bark. Bar So after room 9 we move into the bar while not a great deal happened at first, it was still great one of the customers had seen someone walk passed the door after further inspection there was no one there, then another person was seen walking passed the door heading out of the hotel had a look again and no1 there 2 different people saw these figures, after inspection I came back in the bar and there was a clear knock on the window too the bar, yet again no one there. We had a glass on the bar and it didn’t move or nothing but we were asking for someone to pick it up, it was there a while at the end before we left we look at the camera again and it looks like there is someone holding the glass on the bar. Stable rooms 20/21 (Old Tavern) As soon as we walk in this room we all sit down and the bath room door is slightly open all of a sudden I start talking about a investigation i did a few weeks ago where the door tried to close on me. All of a sudden the door too the toilet starts too open, something else I can’t explain at all everyone was seated when it open, no drafts or windows either, other things were taps and bangs, a metallic sound but this could of been something outside. All in all this was a fantastic investigation, I hope we are able to return, and trust me if we can book it again ...... you lot need to get booked on because our customers who were there last night are already thinking about booking it again with us. I want to thank everyone who attended last night and also Sam the Duty Manager who stayed back with us, got involved and helped out. Also thanks for the kind reviews we have had on the page already.