Vane Tempest Hall (Durham)10
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Ghost Hunts 19th May

i would like to thank all the guests who attended the vane tempest investigation and making it a very interesting night, we experienced numerous sounds, responsive knocks, sighing, growling etc. One of the group was touched twice when on the quija board by a spirit called Paul who turned out to be a first world war 1 soldier, he told us that the lady reminded him of his wife. We had two very moving personnel messages come through that were very tearful to say the least, during the human pendulum experiment, the guest Nathan who was in the center of the circle was pushed from pillar to post, he said that it felt like someone was holding him but pushing him at the same time. Using the spirit box we heard clearly Help and there was another clear word but i cant remember, hopefully someone will jog my memory, overall it was a very good and eventful night of activity. If i have forgotten anything please add to this. Wayne